347 Ford Stroker Crankshaft

347 stroker crankshaft

We offer 347 stroker cranks from multiple suppliers to cover the whole spectrum of horse power needs in this engine. Offering competitive prices and unequaled technical support for your engine build. From a cast steel nodular crankshaft to 4340 steel and billet cranks we have a part rated for the horsepower output of your engine. The 347 crankshaft is made using a 3.400 long stroke put together with the 4.030 bore of a small block Ford for the stroker combination.

These cranks are built in multiple rod journal sizes and the counterweights are cammed for multiple rod lengths. Make sure if you are putting together your own combination that the blue print you are using matches up on rod journal sizes, wrist pin size combinations and that the crankshaft counterweight fits your rod. If you are using a 5.315 short rod combination they do not always clear the 5.400 rod counterweights.

Revolution Crankshafts Revolution Crankshafts start out at $179
Eagle Crankshafts Eagle Crankshafts Starting at $195
scat crankshafts Scat Crankshafts Starting at $239
engine pro Engine Pro Crankshafts Starting at $289.00
Crower performance Crower 4340 Non-Twist Forgings Starting at $1599

All of the Crankshafts that we offer are rated for a minimum of 500 HP and 5500 rpm. If you have questions about a crankshaft or are looking for a brand we do not have listed here on the site give us a call. We carry almost every brand out there and if we do not have it on the shelf we have a supplier that does. We have been doing this now for over 25 years and we know what works and what doesn't. Why not give us a call and let our experience help you put together a combination that will meet your expectations yet save you in the pocket book by not buying parts you may not need.