347 Performance Pistons

We carry a complete line of pistons for the 347 Ford Stroker combination. We have pistons from Hypereutectic to 2618 and 4032 forged aluminum. With over 8 different manufacturers to choose from we can almost always come up with a piston that will fit the compression and performance needs of your engine. If we do not have a shelf stocking piston available to do what you want we can help you build a custom piston that does. We do custom pistons with JE, Ross, Diamond and Wiseco.
When ordering pistons make sure you double check compression heights, Rod lengths and wrist pin sizes. Many of these pistons are set up for the use of Chevrolet rods and use a .927 wrist pin not the standard .912 Ford pin used in the small blocks.


kb pistons Keith Black Hypereutectic Pistons Starting at $323
je psiton Je and SRP Pistons
icon Icon Pistons
daimond pistons Diamond Pistons, 2618 and 4032 Aluminum
mahle motorsports  pistons Mahle Motor sports Pistons
probe Probe Pistons Some of the best priced parts available.
wiseco piston

Wiseco Pistons

racetec pistons Race Tec Pistons, The newest company on the market

Compression Ratio advisory listing.
Premium pump gas 9.8 to 1 with Cast Iron Head(s)
Premium pump gas 10.2 to 1 with Aluminum Head(s)
Typical Boosted Application 8.5-9.0 to 1 compression ratio.
Nitrous applications. 10.0-14.0 to 1 compression ratio.

Most performance camshafts due to changes in duration will require a min. of 9.0 to 1 compression to get the most out of your camshaft profile.